The Shaving KUROHIGE~Pop up Pirate~
This time… Shaving!!
The pirate’s appearance is important! That’s why Kurohige’s beard design should be carefully selected!
You can get world sword too!!
Barrel Rider KUROHIGE~Pop up Purate~
Ride on the barrel!!!
2D action game of KUROHIGE appeares!
Run and jump on the field!And reach the goal!!
KUROHIGE DX~Pop up Purate~
A mix of KUROHIGE series apps appears at last with "au smart pass" !
With the first phase, you can play 3 apps.
Other series apps is going too deliver by future update. Please play this app a lot. And let's challenge KUROHIGE of the world !
The judging KUROHIGE~Pop up Purate~
This time, KUROHIGE judges! KUROHIGE comes out from barrel with something! Let's judge trash or treasure by flick! Will get a World Sword if you judge quickly and correctly!
Sliding Bar KUROHIGE~Pop up Purate~
KUROHIGE is bartender! The name of his store is Sliding Bar KUROHIGE!
Let's work splendidly, and let's get tip! If you got Excellent World Sword will be given!
The dodging KUROHIGE~Pop up Pirate~
KUROHIGE, be ambitious! The stage of his adventure of this time is sky! However, many formidable enemies are in the sky. To go a higher place, you must avoid or defeat the formidable enemy. Now, how much can you go?
Chatch the KUROHIGE DX~Pop up Pirate~
KUROHIGE sails the world sea this time! His aim becomes a full-fledged pirate and is to hang Seven Seas on the crotch! Let's stab swords and collect the necessary items!
Chatch the KUROHIGE~Pop up Pirate~
Let's stab swords and pop up KUROHIGE, and let's catch it!GET the treasure! "KUROHIGE-Pop up Pirate" Now on SALE!!!!! You stab swords and transfer a pirate, and let's catch it! Let's GET the treasure of the pirate!
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